Flowers are Nature's messengers -
reminders of an unspeakable beauty.
- jlh

In quiet moments when you think about it,
you recognize what is critically important in life and
what isn't. Be wise and don't let good things
crowd out those that are essential.”

- Elder Richard G. Scott

The wise man thinks about his troubles only when there

is some purpose in doing so; at other times he thinks about other things”

- Bertrand Russell

We must all fight through some of
the roughest days of our lives
to earn the best days of our lives. It's worth it.


The following pictures were taken this past
Friday night at the high school
football homecoming game -- just had to
show off my granddaughters
and son - enjoy!

Granddaughter Madison with her escort and my son Jeff
She was elected freshman attendant.

L - R -- Granddaughter Morgan (junior) and her date,
Madison (freshman) and her date all ready
for the homecoming dance.

and ... below is granddaughter Morgan on the right
with her friend. They participated in the "run for the cause"
on Saturday. Thank you Morgan!!

Healthy Halloween Snack
Candy Corn Fruit Cocktail

pineapple, cut into bite sized chunks
oranges, cut into bite sized chunks (or use small Cuties)

whipped cream

candy corn

  1. In a clear glass, layer pineapple,
  2. then oranges and top with whipped cream
  3. and a couple pieces of candy corn. Serve right
  4. away or refrigerate until ready to serve.

Copper for 100 votes 2-19-13                                             Pewter for 300 votes 2-22-13

                      Bronze for 1,000 votes 3-8-13                                                   Silver winner for 2,500 votes 4-22-13

GOLD winner for 5,000 votes 7-27-13                             

What day is it? Ha, ha,

I love the camel commercial.

Here is hoping you all have a good hump day - thanks

for stopping by - do join me tomorrow!

And now till another

time, I always wish for you to be safe.

Always be aware of everything and

everyone around you at all times.



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