My pages will resume on May 20th. With recent health

issues and out of state for a week, it has not been possible

to publish daily. Thank you for understanding.


Monday, April 1- No Publication

Tuesday, April 2

Wednesday, April 3

Thursday, April 4

Friday, April 5

NOTE: Please read ...
Pages this week will be published when
time allows, thank you.

Monday, April 8 - No Publication

Tuesday, April 9

Wednesday, April 10

Thursday, April 11 - No Publication

Friday, April 12

NOTE: Please read ...
This week I have surgery (16th). New pages
will be published when I am up to it.
Thank you.

Monday, April 15

Tuesday, April 16 - No Publication

Wednesday, April 17- No Publication

Thursday, April 18- No Publication

Friday, April 19- No Publication

Monday, April 22

Tuesday, April 23

Wednesday, April 24