Chicken Pot Pie Bake!

- Bake at 375 for 25 minutes -
3 cups of cooked chicken
2 cans Cream of Chicken
1 bag frozen veggies (3 cups veggies)
2 cups shredded cheese
2 cans Pillsbury biscuits (5 count)
Grease pan
Mix ingredients in bowl and
spread evenly in pan
Then cut biscuits into quarters…
Toss in 2 tbsp melted butter
and spread evenly on top.
I baked until the top of the biscuits
were crispy and the mixture was bubbling!

How bout some yummies?!

Daylight Savings Time.
Sunday, November 7th, 2021.
Clocks fall back 1 hr. @ 2 a.m.

Creepy! Sad as this appears
to have dealt with children.

Wonder if anyone ever thought about
fixing this up? This I believe would be
the rear of the property as I think I see
a front porch maybe?

No air conditioning needed here. 
Too bad someone did not take the time
to salvage the barn wood.

Ya - all have a 
Happy, happy Halloween.
Be safe.

❥ ღஜღ
     Don't worry about f a i l u r e s, worry about the
                        c h a n c e s   you m i s s    
                                   when you don't even   T R Y.
                                                   -- Jack Canfield

Below, please enjoy a poem by a subscriber.
Thank you Virginia .....

I Say...The Lord Speaks
Are you listening?
Do you hear His voice
...Surely you
 hear Him!

 You ask...Does The Lord still speak to man?
If so... why do I hear nothing
Surely... if He does speak...
I would then hear Him!
I do want to hear His Voice,
Why doesn't He speak to me?
I pray and pray,
But, I hear nothing from Him.
I Say...Maybe you aren’t listening
with the right “ears”.
Do you not hear His voice in the laughter of a  child?
...That always bring me closer to Him!
Or see His handiwork in a beautiful sunrise or sunset?
Or the singing birds...The whispering wind?
Or even sometimes the voice of a friend?
At times these have all brought me messages from Him!
So listen...look around...
The Lord’s Voice can be seen...heard...
all around us!
It is up to us to become more aware of Him...
The Lord Speaks!
~ Virginia Archer

I still believe together, we are
the answer, always have been. 

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No given amount of anything is ever too small 
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