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Make sure and turn the light off
before you leave, and thank you!

Sorry I been missing in action for a few days.
Life happened, just had a lot going on. I know
I have said this before, but these pages take 
quite a while to create and I do my best as often
as I can. Thanks for hanging around. I so
appreciate it. 

Marblehead Lighthouse 
on Lake Erie, Ohio

So much detail. I counted 4 kitties. A 
thing holding thread and scissors on the
left side of the sewing machine. Squares 
of material on the right, the barn out the
window along with the birds and birdhouse.
The pincushion, and spools of threads. Just
a all round neat photo!

Did You Know?
Saint Valentine was a 3rd-century Roman saint, 
commemorated in Western Christianity on 
February 14 and in Eastern Orthodoxy
on July 6. He was a clergyman (priest or bishop) 
who at the time of Roman rule in Italy, ministered 
o persecuted Christians. From the High Middle 
Ages his Saints' Day has been associated
with a tradition of courtly love. He is also a 
patron saint of Terni (a city in southern Umbria, 
central Italy), epilepsy and beekeepers.

Invented in 1820 by a Pennsylvania doctor, 
the Buckboard got its name because an 
extra board was added to the
wagon box directly in front of the 
driver's seat to protect both driver and 
passengers from mule or horses'
hooves in case they bucked !

Oooops! I just want one!

Flowers always make people better,
happier and more helpful; they are
sunshine, food and medicine for
the soul. - Luther Burbank

I LOVE this idea with the wine glasses!

Where wasted time is 
considered time well spent.

Gone, but NOT forgotten. 
I miss my family every day.

I hope you have enjoyed today.
I always welcome comments, suggestions
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