Vince Gill & Jenny Gill Let There Be Peace On Earth.mp3

I thought this was sooo cute!

This would be so carefree and fun.

And what is there not to 
like about this photo?!

A view beyond the best of the best.

And my friend - our state bird, our
Cardinal or our Red Bird.

And, the many things to see here. The different
flowers of course, the birds, that picket
fence, a broken pot on purpose to make a
birdhouse display complete with a little 
bench. Love the old shoe planter, the old
stool and chair, the brick walkway and the
lantern and butterfly's flying and landing.

Come sit for a while .....

Time is Slow when you wait!
Time is Fast when you are late!
Time is Short when you are happy!
Time is Deadly when you are sad!
Time is Short when you are happy!
Time is Endless when you are in pain!
Time is Long when you feel bored!
Time is most beautiful when you are in love. 
Every time, time is determined 
by your feelings and your 
psychological conditions
and not by clocks. 

Flowers always make people better,
happier and more helpful; they are
sunshine, food and medicine for
the soul. - Luther Burbank

The honor for being the first to use this idea goes to
America's industrialist and business magnate Henry Ford (1863-1947) after whom motorcars of his day were named, and continued carrying many thousands of happy drivers into the future to the present day.

On December 1, 1913, he installed the first 
moving assembly line to mass-produce 
an entire automobile. His innovation cut
production time for a car from 12 
hours to an hour and a half.
Early "Model T" Ford

Having a "Ford" meant  "keeping up with the Joneses" -- swank, both classic and classy, happily 
jaunting along with the in-crowd. A later model. 
Thank you for the memories !

Don't always ask Him, 

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