The Browns The Old Lamplighter 1960.mp3

This looks like a relaxing place to be

I can almost smell that apple pie!

Cannot wait to ride our bikes again.

Wow, this is clever.

And another clever creation

OOO my! Six layers! That is just
sinful, but the layers are kind of small,
but still - yum yum!

E. (Emily)  Pauline Johnson (Takehionwake) was a daughter 
of a Mohawk Chief and a white mother.  A famous 
Canadian performer, poet, feminist and
indigenous activist of the Victorian era, she also 
made her mark in NE United States, contributing 
stories and articles for all age-groups from
the wonder of the wilderness, to ways for 
cultures to co-exist regardless
of ancestry. Her devotion to peace between 
peoples--as there is harmony
in Nature--was her life-long passion and 
theme in all she said and did.
In 1907 she was part of the Chautauqua circuit, 
a social movement in America
(19th/early 20th centuries) which presented 
speakers, teachers, musicians, poets
and many others to public audiences for 
education and entertainment.

What a mess!

I hope you have enjoyed today. I
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