March 10th, 2021


Charlie Shaffer Memory.mp3

Come on in - coffee just finished!

The face behind Susan's Daily Dose

The above photo was taken on the historic Mackinac Island.
We just recently booked a mini vacation here for a couple of days
and will have our three children with us and their spouses. Will
be a very special time. We plan on going in September. Needless
to say - we can't wait. 

Such a peaceful and very pretty setting.

No reason for it to ever change

Flowers are food for the soul. 

A great recovery for anyone can be in
giving strength to someone and also
receiving strength. Stay strong for not only
your well being but maybe that of another.

The beauty of hearing each other is that it helps
us to hear ourselves! We know better who we are
when we listen to one another. Every conversation
offers us all a chance to be real,
to help another person be real.

When we no longer fear failure, we are free
to attempt greater feats. We dare to learn more,
and life is fuller for it - not just our own
but the lives that we touch.

It's okay to be confused, it’s where you 
begin to learn new things. 
Be broken, it’s where you begin to heal. 
Be frustrated, it’s where you start to 
make more authentic decisions. 
Be sad, because if we are brave 
enough we can hear our heart’s 
wisdom through it. Be whatever you 
are right now. No more hiding. 
You are worthy, always.

Thank you for joining me today. More than ever,
I feel we all need my pages for a diversion maybe?
Some happy, some silly, or just to be inspired?
Please share my pages. God bless us all.
Stay strong, life is precious.

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No given amount of anything is ever too small 
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