Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again 1974.mp3

Happy Spring 
to you!!

Just look at all this health goodness!

I have some Native American fans on my
mailing list and they asked for some. I
have several today. Enjoy.

This is the neatest bike wreath!
I want it!

She so reminds me of my Mother's Mother.
I miss my grandparents.

Sweetness. Would love to know what
she must be thinking about.

And a cutie all tucked in, maybe watching
TV. Looks like the kitty is interested toooooo.

Many of you have voiced to me that this
part of my Daily Dose is sad, it is down
hearted, and yes, maybe. But I came across
this and thought it might make you
view this section of my dose in a different light.

One can only imagine how many rumps this bench
held over the years! It has really been forgotten
but remains as a reminder of how much this seating
might have helped folks along their way and many
in love sat to enjoy each other and just to rest.

I hope you have enjoyed today. 
 Just remember that I always 
welcome hearing from everyone.
Thank you. 
Email me anytime. 

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