Joan Baez May You Stay Forever Young 1976.mp3

Take'n it to "down on the farm"
"OH! my goodness, gotta feed them!"

Who remembers Grandma's aprons?

How peaceful and with warm sunshine.

Oh wow, quite the size difference.
Just a little boy wanting to ride his horse.

So cute and loving

Firemen have hearts of GOLD.

Don’t wait for 
everything to be 
perfect before you 
decide to enjoy 
your life.

Now that is what I call an amazing
loaded baked potato!!

““If you are a gifted person, 
it doesn’t mean that 
you gained something.
 It means you have 
something to give back.” 
- Carl Gustav Jung”

Change the plan,
NEVER the goal.

Overload today. Soooo many
cute ones to enjoy!

And last but not least, Mr
Naughty Gnome! 

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