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And hello everyone. My pages now will slow
down a bit and have fewer sections and
photos. The remainder of this year is shaping
up to be very busy .... please stay with me,
I'll be here as often as I can. "Thank you,"

And at one time, more than likely a popular 
place to meet and catch up and have a
cheeseburger and shake.

Where I Used To Be 
On the rare occasion I see me as Jesus sees me
...not this mixed up excuse of a human being
that I see when I look in the mirror,
but rather the one He believes I can be.
But I see one who has miles and miles to go
before I come anywhere near to being
one whom I think He would die for
...the one He seems to already know!
But, having looked back...I can now see
 one who is in the process of learning
...one who has come a long way
from Where I Used To Be!
So ... it seems ... I truly am moving
toward the example set by Jesus!
To be more like the person He knew I could be.
... And ... PTL ...the person I am slowly becoming!
Virginia Archer/03-22


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