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Johnny Pearson Annie's Song.mp3

How about some 
pretty chairs?!

I really like this chair. Always have
liked checkered things.

Who does not like bunnies I ask? That
is until they get into our gardens and flowers!
A very bright and neat area!
A bit of a 60's kitchen. The best!

I would say it is party time!

And just look at this view!

I would say that this home is
ready for Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend 2021 
kicks off May 29 and Americans are 
already making plans. This year, 
Memorial Day – which honors the 
men and women who lost their lives 
while serving in the U.S. military – is 
officially observed on Monday, May 31.

God will never let you
be shaken or moved
from your place near
His heart. 

Far away, there in the sunshine, are
my highest aspirations. I may not
reach them but I can look up and see
their beauty, believe in them, and try
to follow where they lead.

Each dawn holds a new hope for a
new plan, making the start of each
day the start of a new life.

The God who created, names, and
numbers, the stars in the heavens also
numbers the hairs of my head ....
He pays attention to very big things and to very
small ones. What matters to me matters
to Him, and that changes my life.

The REAL art of
conversation is not
only to say the right
thing in the right place,
but to leave unsaid the
wrong thing at the
tempting moment. 

Give thanks to the Lord,
for he is good; his love
endures forever
~ Chronicles 16:34 NIV

It's okay to be confused, it’s where you 
begin to learn new things. 
Be broken, it’s where you begin to heal. 
Be frustrated, it’s where you start to 
make more authentic decisions. 
Be sad, because if we are brave 
enough we can hear our heart’s 
wisdom through it. Be whatever you 
are right now. No more hiding. 
You are worthy, always.

Thank you for joining me today. More than ever,
I feel we all need my pages for a diversion maybe?
Some happy, some silly, or just to be inspired?
Please share my pages. God bless us all.
Stay strong, life is precious.

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