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Don't compare yourself to people
who are on a different journey.
The journey you travel is what 
He had and has put you on. 
Trust it. 

First of all and as always every day with every page
I want to thank you for all the emails, comments,
guest book entries and donations. It all inspires me to
continue my pages. Certainly not done with Summer, but
I will be making an area on my pages to share just a
bit of Fall/Autumn. I know some of you create or save for
whatever the reason, so let's begin preparing for the upcoming
season which is arriving quickly. I hope you can find 
something to use. 
** Also on an added note I would like to begin including
uTubes again like I did a few years ago. Let me
know if this is something you wold be interested
in. Thank you for being here!!

Oh my goodness! Party on the front
porch - lots n lots of room!!

I've chosen the word art section today to
share the Fall/Autumn theme

I quote others to better express myself.
This is my favorite part of my page.

For any turtle lovers out there

Thank you for visiting.
Again ..... happy trails to you!
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"Thank you"
Email me anytime. 

My little family. They all are in
heaven now and I miss them
every single day. 

I do have a guestbook now.
Let me know you were here.
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Hello - I do accept donations to help pay for this
website. I would truly like to thank those that
have donated and continue to do so. It helps me
a lot and is most appreciated. 
I could use free ones, but this one is very user
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Thank you again, hope you enjoyed.
No given amount of anything is ever too small 
for anything or anyone.

*I claim nothing to be mine. 
Credit goes to respected artists
If I have used anything 
that you do not want here, please let me
know and I will remove it immediately.
It was NOT intentional.
"Thank you."