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Don't compare yourself to people
who are on a different journey.
The journey you travel is what 
He had and has put you on. 
Trust it. 

Wow, look at the detail on this one!

Let's go! More Daily Dose ahead!

Coming thru, excuse me!

I had a member of my 
Daily Dose send me
this photo. It is amazing! 
Bike arch in Tennessee!
The Spokes Sculpture is a large steel arch with welded funky bicycles (including a high-wheeled penny farthing and a five-seater) and small bike-part sculptures (Check out the pair of sneakers and the weather vane). Spokes is the first public art in Cookeville made by local artists, using recycled bicycles and bike parts from members of the local community. It marks the entrance to the bike path between Cookeville and neighboring Algood.

And, who remembers 
Ann Landers?

I quote others to better express myself.
This is my favorite part of my page.
If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, 
Summer 2022 ends on August 31, and 
September 1 marks the beginning of Fall (Autumn). Meteorologically, that is. 
As per the astronomical definition, you 
have until the equinox on September 22 or 23, 
depending on your time zone, 
to enjoy the final days of Summer.
WOW, where did time go?

Whoooo invited this guy?!!
Make yourself at home!

Nothing to see here, who cares
about that porch cow?!

I really never cared for 
chair covers like these,
but I actually think these are 
attractive and cute. 
And plaids with flowered walls,
table cloth and curtains. 
Goes good I must say!

❤ P R E C I O U S 

WOW!! ❤🤣

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