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We pray for our broken country



Wednesday, Sept 22nd, 2021
first day of Fall/Autumn

Mixing some vinegar and water together
and then spraying on your stainless steel
(sink for example) will shine it right up!

There is actually a much better way 
to cut your cherry tomatoes effectively. 
You can do this by placing the cherry 
tomatoes in between the plates.
One plate should be side up and the 
other one upside down. Then, run your 
knife in between the two plates and 
your cherry tomatoes will be perfectly cut.

To sanitize Legos, simply fill up a mesh 
laundry bag, place it in the dishwasher, 
and let it run. Once the wash cycle is 
complete, remove the bag, and place 
the legos on a towel to dry.

Oh, he is still here!
Enjoying the kitchen
And your chocolate fix!!

It's okay to be confused, it’s where you 
begin to learn new things. 
Be broken, it’s where you begin to heal. 
Be frustrated, it’s where you start to 
make more authentic decisions. 
Be sad, because if we are brave 
enough we can hear our heart’s 
wisdom through it. Be whatever you 
are right now. No more hiding. 
You are worthy, always.

Thank you for joining me today. More than ever,
I feel we all need my pages for a diversion maybe?
Some happy, some silly, or just to be inspired?
Please share my pages. God bless us all.
Stay strong, life is precious.

In memory of the 13 we lost.

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