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I am again apologizing for the page being
deleted for Sept 22nd. Had a major senior
moment. I do feel bad. I'll try not to let
this happen again, I was in a hurry and
shouldn't have been! "Thank you."

Oh wow, now if these 
walls could talk!

With so many suffering around us and around the world, we are all in need of extra love and encouragement, self-care and self-compassion. ? It's up to us to begin the process of filling this need in the home of our own hearts. Even when we feel broken or inadequate, within us is a radiant being worthy of our gentle kindness.

Your Daily 

DON'T always just ask, thank the
Lord for many things.

Thank you for joining me today. More than ever,
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Please share my pages. God bless us all.
Stay strong, life is precious.

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