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I quote others to better 
express myself.
"Autumn evokes different feelings for
everyone ... As the energy of Summer slows
down, and frost Winter is getting closer,
a beautiful Autumn day is truly special.
Cool morning air, grass wet with dew,
and those amazing warm golden 
colors spreading through the trees ..."
By Vicki Chicago-Marsh

He who can give 
thanks for little,
will always find he 
has enough.

No particular place I'm going.
I just love strolling thru Susan's
Daily Dose. What fun!
See ya tomorrow .....

Grief is the price we pay for love.
~ Queen Elizabeth

At the bottom of my page today, a song
dedicated to her on a 
and also a link to take you to 
more quotes by her.

Someone really knows how to 
animate! This kitty looks real!!

Holy smokes! Pink and green kitchen!

Did you know? 
God is working in hearts, 
yours and mine ..... How?
To comfort: "The Lord is close to the broken-
hearted and saves those who are crushed
in spirit." Psalm 34:18. 

Not once, but twice!

My little family. They all are in
heaven now and I miss them
every single day. 

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It will take you to a page of quotes by
Queen Elizabeth. They all are good ones.
She lived, she gave, her life was full from
day one and service to many people and
things for many, many years. Her legacy 
will surely live on - and on .....

In memory of Queen Elizabeth
Love One Another