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Here are a few reasons for the importance 
of quotes in everyone's life.
Motivational quotes motivate,
inspire and encourage.
They energize and prompt you
to take action. 
They create optimism and hope.
They can give insight and wisdom.
In today's world, I'm thinking we could
all use the above. 

Our forefathers were full of wisdom.

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Had to share this ~
A lady posted this on FB and I found it amazing
and thought it would go well with my theme of
abandoned, but not lost at all. Please read.
"I pass by this ancient mailbox every day on my drive to work. The old rusty box is nailed to an oak that has to be 150 years old. After 6 years of passing it by I decided to open the box to see if anything was inside. After all, there isn’t even a house nearby to which it could possibly serve anyway. Any home it serviced was long ago torn down I’m sure. I noticed an ancient letter inside as you can see in picture. I looked at the post mark date and it said July 7, 1903. Due to age and moisture the addressee on the envelope was not readable, so I opened up the envelope hoping to find some local history and a good story I could share with you. Here is what the letter inside said. “We at Carriage Shield hate to be the bearer of bad news Mr Mallard but, we have been trying to reach you about the warranty on your buggy it has expired. Please take a few minutes to sign up for our 2-horse plan and never worry about those expensive wheel and horseshoe repairs again.”

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