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February 12, 2021


I've got time ......

February 11, 2021

You know what?!! Actually life is beautiful - and oh my God, I have time. My life threatened illness not once, but twice and I survived and got well. Mind blowing to me - and blessed as I echo my words you have already heard, but hear them again - coz I'm feel'n it. 

Well now - it is Thursday, Feb 11th, 2021

February 11, 2021

Now, I feel at home on my website that I pay dearly for -- but it is so user friendly and you can do so much. It is true you know - you get what you pay for. The other one was free and I was not in such a good state of mind so to speak, so after I finish this first post and get this out there - published and all shiny brand new - I will begin on my Daily Dose and really crank out some new pages - and oh my gosh, I have so much, soooo much saved to share. So, I feel settled now - and I do apologize for being so unsettled the past several weeks. I one day might dwell on it - but now now, not here for all that nonsense. (smiling) ......I'll be back.  



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